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Sports Nutritionist
Are you exercising on regular basis but don’t seem to see the results?
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It is never too late to start your health journey!
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Welcome to Lotus Spa

Rejuvenated Body & Soul

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Expertise Areas

Your Anti-inflammatory & Gut Health Program

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Anti-inflammatory Food & Exercise

Research shows that 40% of people worldwide suffer from gastrointestinal conditions, and 78% of deaths are related to chronic inflammation.

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Executive Coaching Package

Personalized functional testing advice Nutritional, emotional, and performance coaching .Direct support from Yalda via e-mail or messaging

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Get Back to Basics With Treatment Expert Help

Any health condition such as high cholesterol, inflammation, going through perimenopause or menopause.

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Expertise Areas

Are you suffering from any of these?

Do you find yourself regularly getting colds or the flu and don’t know how to shift them with the regular diet?

Were you informed by doctors that you are pre-diabetic, and you need to pay attention to your diet?

Are you experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, sugar cravings, painful joints, headaches?

Poor sleep?

Low Energy?

Weight Gain?


Depressed / Low Mood?

Would you want to know how to manage and minimise stress with nutrition?

Do you run a company and you want to ensure that your staff are healthy and reduce sickness and absenteeism?

Are you exercising on regular basis but don’t seem to see the results?

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Expert Nutrition
Guidance and Consultation

If your condition is not listed here
Get in touch with us , we might be able to help you!!!

Metabolic problems

Are struggling with weight gain, overweight or weight loss, have you been told that you have insulin resistance, or having problems with your heart health (high blood pressure), struggle with low energy levels?

Mental health issues

Depression, anxiety, brain health, poor concentration, energy, and productivity

Fitness nutrition

Do you want to gain muscle, maintain fat free muscle, improve sporting performance, and lose weight?

Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal process to help fight against foreign substances such as infections, bacteria, virus, or any stimuli that the immune system recognises as harmful.

Hormonal imbalances

Are You going through perimenopause or menopause?
Are you experiencing symptoms such as headaches, hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats, brain fog, short-term memory loss?
Did you know that nutrition can help alleviate those symptoms?
What Our Client Says
Christine Anderson
Christine Anderson
Lily was a speaker at one of my monthly networking events, in Henley in Arden. When I promoted the event, we had our biggest turn out we had ever had, which said it all. They all came out so energized and all set to put into practice what Lilly had talked about. A great speaker and I can't wait to have her back later this year.
Haris Moghal
Haris Moghal
Being a Professional Muaythai athlete, sports specific nutrition was important for me. Lily's work helped me see an improved level of performance in training and during competition, and her guidance helped me understand the importance of nutrition for an athlete's recovery aswell. Her library of recipes is also very nice when you wanna change it up. Would highly recommend her to athletes wanting to improve performance and have a better understanding of how to fuel their bodies.
Danielle Gibbs
Danielle Gibbs
Lily wrote a personalised meal plan for me, not only to ‘lose weight’ but to also improve my energy levels and help me sustain an all round healthy diet. She even explained that ‘habits’ take time to change so did not put any pressure on me at all. Highly recommend 💚
Jen Roberts
Jen Roberts
After trying everything imaginable for months and months to get my weight under control, I got in touch with Lily at the point of desperation. Lily analyzed my diet and habits and gave me a personalized program that changed over a period of weeks. I lost a stone in 2 months and continue to steadily reduce my weight and improve my health. I’m very grateful for her help and support!
Viktorija Asmolovaite
Viktorija Asmolovaite
Lily and I have worked on multiple projects together and I am pleased to say she is one of the most hard working, caring and motivating people I've ever met. She will go above and beyond to meet her clients' needs and most importantly, all of her advise will be based on recent scientific evidence. Lily is an extraordinary nutrition specialist, I cannot recommend her enough.
Neil Batchelor
Neil Batchelor
I have worked with Lily to help improve my nutrition and give new focus to better eating habits

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Email us on Hello@lilysamuelnutrition.com or simply book an appointment

1:1 Consultations

I provide individualised nutrition consultation to people wanting or needing  to improve their overall health and wellness through nutrition and exercise.


Group Programmes

I offer workshops talks and a masterclasses in a group setting. The group programmes are interactive, confidential, respectful, and non-judgemental

What Are You Waiting For...

Passion for Helping People Live Healthier Through Optimal Nutrition

As an evidence-based practitioner, Lily is committed to the benefits of a scientific approach to nutrition. She has advised on nutrition at BBC CWR radio, Entrepeneur Circle, Warwick University, among others. Prior to studying nutrition, Lily practised as a registered nurse for 15 years

10 steps to super health by Lily Samuels Nutrition


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